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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Pies and Resolutions.

I mentioned in my menu that I would be making Blueberry & Apple pies for dessert. Before my dad called and canceled lunch, I had already made them. Since no one would be eating them at the now non-existent lunch, I ate them. I ate them all. And they were gooood.

I had some dough left over in the freezer from the tarts I made for the office, so I just used that for the crusts. I recently read something I never thought of before but will now do forever and ever: wax paper under the dough, wax paper over. No sticking to the rolling pin! No tearing! Amazing!

The filling was dead easy. Chop up some apples into equally sized pieces, juice 1 clementine into a pot, add a teensy bit of sugar, and the apples, and simmer until apples are not mushy, but just crisp - bordering mushy.

Add the blueberries, and stir about until they're the same texture as the apples. Remove from heat, fill pies with apple/blueberry mixture, top with a shape or a round of pastry, (or a full covering, but I didn't have enough dough for that), and bake until golden at 350F.

Best, simplest pies ever. I ate all six. By myself.

Every year, I try to make 10 resolutions that I stick to for at least a week or so. This year, they are:

Resolutions for 2008

1. Bake 52 Cupcakes

I would like to make 52 cupcake flavours throughout the year. Seasonal, Birthday, Whatever, just 52 of them. Can skip a week and do two the next week, as long as the year averages out.

2. Be healthy - cut down on things that make you sick, such as : cream, cheese, cream cheese...

Lactose intolerant people can't eat so much cheese. I love it, I do, but it makes me very ill. Cut down. Don't necessarily cut it out -- Though, if I'm being honest, I can have vanilla soy in my tea

3. Try new things

Doesn't matter what it is, really, just do it! Eat some crocodile jerky, try a new way of tying shoes, whatever.

4. Travel

Vegas in February, England in August?

5. Actually save money, not just think about saving it

This one is going to be tough. I'm so shit at saving money. But I'm all responsible like, i should at least try.

6. Get rid of things - unclutter. Not shoes, shoes can stay.

I will never wear that size 5 dress again, and I need to accept it. Also probably don't need earrings I've not worn since 1987, that book with no cover, and 5 sets of dishes.

7. Watch less TV, read more, go out more, knit more.

i don't actually think I will manage this one. I do love my TV. maybe I could sleep less instead.

8. Finish a knitted item. Just one! But finish it, ferrealz.

This would be nice. I generally just let my knitting fall to the side and forget about it for .. about two years.

9. Carry on with Vegetarian Day, twice a week.

Should be easy enough, since I'm doing it with others.

10. Wake up early, get a good start to the day. Consider breakfast.

I loved early mornings in the summer when I was little, cup of tea with my mum on the balcony out back.. It was so nice and quiet, and even if I did nothing it felt like a good day. Early is where it's at. No more sleeping til 4PM!


Anonymous said...

I like your try new things one. I found you via all things CUPCAKE's post about your pina colada cupcakes. they might inspire me to try baking a cupcake from scratch for the first time. i'm thinking about it...

Brina said...

You should! They're so easy. I'm a firm believer in cupcaking as well. Its far easier than complicated baking.