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Saturday, March 8, 2008

#11 Maple Bacon

I saw these and thought 'I love bacon. I love cupcakes. How could I not love bacon cupcakes?'

And I do love them. They came out a bit biscuitty for me, but I think that's mostly due to conversion, and not so much the original recipe. I doubled it, and it ended up making 18 cupcakes, so I think the actual recipe probably makes more than 6.

Recipe Here @ Vanilla Garlic

I was hoping for more BACON flavour. When I make these again (and I will!!) I'll add more bacon, and more bacon fat in an effort to embacon them. As they are, they're baconny, but they're not BACONny.

The frosting, though? Heaven in my mouth. Nothing better.

I topped them with large sea salt crystals, which was a really good thing.

Without the frosting, I wasn't keen on these. - too much like a ham and cheese biscuit, not enough cupcake - I thought I might not even bring them in to Officeland for consumption. With the frosting, though, WOW.

Two thumbs way up.


Becca said...

The Cupcakes, how I loved them.

Want more. Plzkthzbye

Anonymous said...

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